Mercedes Benz c- class system info center problem

I have a 2002 Mercedes c230 compressor. The information center was working then suddenly stopped. I can’t shut off my oil light. Just got an oil change but not able to reset the light. The controls for the system are on the steering wheel.

I’d suggest a visit to the Mercedes dealer. If you know for a fact that the oil light is only for changes, i.e it is yellow, drive it to the dealer. Check the level first, however.

If that oil light is red, tow it to the dealer as there is a risk you can destroy your engine.

The electronics are heavily integrated into the car and the dealer may be the best. Expect a big bill… sorry.

Thank you i got oil change this past monday i know has full oil.The problem is i cant reset oil light because the systems buttons on my steering wheel will not pull up any of the functions i.e. temp.,battery,oil,etc.May you happen to know if that function has a fuse, was wondering if there may be a way to reset it. Thank you so much for reaching out.

Might not need a dealer visit but possibly a Mercedes specialist has seen this before. Could just be a bad connection. So far the best information comes from the thread below from MBworld

Sounds like a problem with the switches or clock spring.

The maintenance computer can also be reset with a diagnostic scan tool like the one your dealer uses.

Thank you for reaching out the car has been in family since new only 40k on it.Great ride.Wish i could get that to work.Thanks again.

Thank you i did just reach out to a buddy that has a guy that only works on benz not sure about electronics. We will see thanks again.