Mercedes 4Matic

How does the Mercedes 4Matic series drive in the snow? I’ve been a Mercedes owner for some time, and the real wheel drive can’t handle snow or even rain without skidding. I’m looking to purchase a used E320 series or C240 series in a 4Matic. Will this resolve my current problem with snow driving?

I’ve heard good things about it, you should be fine with it, but I would get a good set of winter tires, too.

Explain skidding. Do you mean stopping/cornering or getting going?

I mean the rear wheel drive car has no traction in snow and slides all over. It’s a dangerous nightmare to drive. I am hoping someone knows about the 4Matic series.

Four winter tires will resolve your skidding problem and give you superior stopping and corner ability.

I have driven in a S500 RWD with four winter tires on a snow covered track. It was incredibly stable. The only driver who went off the track had all-seasons with AWD.

4matic will help your problem but if car is fine otherwise keep it and get winter tires.

Thanks. Good idea. Another question…do you think there’s a big difference between the E class and the C class in terms of handling and durability?