Help! I'm sliding like crazy



I LOVE my car but it is useless on snow, even a little. I can’t find anyone who can suggest tires to correct. Am I the only one? Love the show.


You have a rear wheel drive car and if you have normal or all season tires on it you won’t have any traction. You need “winter” tires on all four wheels. Bridgestone Blizzaks and Michelin X-ice are very good. Any winter tire will be a big improvement, but you’ll still slide a bit, that’s the nature of driving in snow.


When my wife had issues like this on a Chevette, we put the 8x16x2 plain grey patio blocks in the trunk area. Covered the floor left to right as much as possible with one layer, and that worked for us.




I assume this is a rear-wheel-drive car. Do you have good winter tires with nearly full tread? Do you have extra weight in the trunk (over the axle) and a fairly full tank of gas? If you have any features meant for slippery roads like a second-gear start, do you use them?


I have weight. I have been looking for winter rather than all seasons. I can’t get anyone to tell me their tire will make an appreciable difference.


Take a look at Consumer Reports, Nov 09 for their snow tire reviews. They categorize their conclusions in a manner that may help you decide amongst the brands and models.

Has some good reviews of tires that might help.


Even if you don’t buy from them, you should do some research at Tire Rack’s web site. See the Tire Tests, Tire Reviews, and Survey Results links on their home page.