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Melting grill

I own a 2008 Honda Element. About 3 months after owning it we noticed melting of the plastic on the grille. it was replaced . now 6 months later it is back in 2 different spots. each showing about 3 weeks apart. We can’t figure out where it is comming from or why. The dealer is saying that it is not a car problem, but we can’t figure it out

Thanks, Travis

An overheating A/C condenser, possibly. The radiator cooling fans should also be inspected to make sure they are moving air in the right direction.

While the latter may sound odd, I have actually run across a wiring connector faux pax several times in which the 2 wire leads in the plastic connector were reversed during manufacture. This leads to the fan running backwards and forcing radiator heat back out the front of the radiator.

Thanks for the info!