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Honda Element exterior maintenance

Our '05 Element has some discoloration on the plastic external panels. Last time we used a car wash it left some odd streaks. Also, interior door has some white marks. Probably residue from my hand cream/sun lotion. Should I use Armorall? Anyone have a solution? Thankx in advance for your experience.

You can use a heat gun to bring back the color. They are usually less than $20 from a hardware store. Clean the surfaces as best as you can first, and then work the heat gun back and forth slowly to heat the plastic. It will look brand new.

The same problem happened on Chevy Avalanches. Go to a Chevy dealer and if they have thier moxie going ask for a product called Gatorback.
It is a textured spray that can be applied by a body shop.

Meguires has a vinyl and rubber protectant in a spray bottle that works very well for restoring plastic parts. You can get it at Checkers, etc. for about $10.