Does anyone know of a good mechanic in the St. Paul, Minnesota area? I possibly have a catalytic converter problem in my 2000 Honda Civic. The engine light came on. It was tested and showed that the primary and secondary oxygen sensors are sluggish. The repair would be $1100. It could also be a dirty fuel injector or dirty spark plugs. They did not have time to test it. The car also shakes when I come to a stop.
Any suggestions?

If you can get the code associated with the check engine light, folks here know how to interpret it. That’s probably the way to start. Auto-part stores will often provide code-reading for free as a convenience for their customers.

The best way to find a good independent mechanic is to ask your friends, coworker, fellow church goers, etc, for a recommedation on who they use. Then tell the mechanic who recommended them to you.

Mileage on car?

Um, Tester here shouldn’t be too far from you. Lloyd Automotive on I think Summit but might be a little pricey. In an emergency I used that Midas shop on 35E and Robert, (scratch the Midas shop for that kind of problem) and the boys at Goodyear in lakeville seemed pretty sharp. One guy I that worked for me used Tuan Auto on University by Snelling but he was always having car problems so don’t know if he’s any good or not or still in business. Also theres that ignition shop on Como up by the fair ground right by Tires Plus-just can’t remember there name, (Ah, I think its Precision Tune) that is good for ignition issues. Dave Dalky or something like that-used to be on Autotalk some years ago.

I’m in Lakeville. About 20 miles south of St Paul.


I recently bought the car and it has about 76,000 miles on it. Thank you for the suggestions!

Tester is a regular here and offers excellent advice. I would seriously consider driving to Lakeville to visit him if I lived near Minneapolis.