Mechanic Question-should he stay or should he go?

I called to make an appointment to take my 2001 Audi A4 in for it 60,000 mile checkup. Right before I dropped my car off, I checked my owners manual and records to make sure I didn’tneed anything else done to the car and discovered I had already had my 60,000 check-up almost a year before. I told the mechanics this, and then wrote down what I needed done (oil change, etc). When I went to pick up my car later that day, I discovered they ignored what I said and did the 60,000 checkup again, because that’s what was written in the book (and I’m just a girld so what do I know, right?) I was very angry and asked to speak to the manager, they ended up giving my 50.00, but that hardly made up for the 175.00+ I paid.

It is getting time for another check-up and I am torn. Before this, they were great mechanics (even recommended on this site). Now, I don’t know how I can trust them, should I find a new mechanic or go back?

I would change shops, particularly if the 60,000 checkup had been done by the shop in question. My shop keeps records of what has been done. You specified what you wanted in writing and if the shop was going to do more, you should have been called and asked permission for the service the shop wanted to perform.

I would consider giving them a second chance. However next time I would be more specific with the things I wanted done, and even more specific about what was already been done.

I have changed to a new mechanic because my old one went out of business a year ago, and we are still undergoing an adjustment phase of interpretations of exactly what I want done when I come in for a service. Because I do some of my own maintenance procedures, I never want a “60K” service done. Instead, I specify what I want done, on a note, rather than verbal transcribed onto the order form. That way it is written what I want done, and the mechanic has an opportunity to clarify any items that I might be unclear on.

In this case, though, a second occurrence of not paying attention to my instructions would move me to a new mechanic.

I also am not comfortable with how thr industry has gone in regards to putting a lable on the work to be done like “do a 60K” and not specifically saying what is to be done.

You OP have done it yourself,you did not tell us what a 60K on your car includes. Before I make a call I would like to know what a 60K is and what work was duplicated or what parts were replace early with out justification.

Is it just assumed everyone knows what a 15K.30K,60K etc. on every car is?

I would like to get a feeling on why your instructions were ignored. Was it oversight or some type of arogance or plain stealing?

If you wrote down the instructions (as you stated above), was it on the original work order you signed to get the work done? If so, then I’d show the paperwork to the manager and ask to be reimbursed for everything that was done in excess of what you directed (it’s your car and your money). After that, I’d still find a new mechanic, if possible.

that’s a really good point- I had not taken into account before that they should have had it on record that they 60K was already preformed.

They said they ignored my request, even though I had it in writing, because that’s not was written on the schedule.

Poor excuse. What is written on the “schedule” is generally an over the phone estimate of the situation, not what you may actually want done. That is the purpose of the service writer/owner/head mechanic, to write down and discuss what should actually be done.

Based on this info, I think they deserve a “no-go” and I would consider doing business elsewhere if it happens again. Had a good discussion occurred, the fact of an equivalent “60K” service a year before might have surfaced.

While I understand what is said about bringing up previous service records, if you are loyal to the one shop, I still think the owner should be specific about what is to be done and hold the shop to that. Anything else requires a phone OK.

If they were either arrogant, or not respectful due to your gender (implied or obvious), find another mechanic who provides you with the respect and service you deserve. Every garage and every mechanic will have an occasional bad day or misunderstanding. It is how they deal with that issue that is telling as to whether you should continue with them as a customer.

It’s difficult for me to give an opinion on this one because it sounds like for some reason that you, the service writer, and the mechanics were simply not on the same page.

You took it in for an “oil change, etc.”. What is the “etc.”?
Any possibility that the oil change combined with the etc. could be misinterpreted as a 60k miles service or it was so close that it was assumed a 60k service was wanted and needed?

RUN…DON’T WALK from these guys. They cheated you. If they had any MORALS at all they would have admitted their mistake and given your money back.

They should not have spent this much of your money without your consent. THEY SHOULD REFUND THE TOTAL. If they already performed the 60,000 it would be in their computer, they should have known.

There are still too many unanswered questions to determine what occurred with this car.
“Etc.” has not been revealed.
“Told the mechanics this” means you talked to the guy working on the car or a service writer?
“They ignored what you said” so does this mean what you said was not put into writing on a repair order with specifics?
Did someone write up a repair order at the time? If so, exactly what does it state on there?

This still sounds like a miscommunication to me and considering they’ve been “great mechanics” up to this point, I find it hard to believe they would intentionally screw you over and risk alienating you for what is essentially pocket change.

And some food for thought. This Audi, and the timing belt, is going on 9 years old.
This pricy little repair is way overdue if it has not been performed and if ignored, it’s going to get catastrophic first, followed by even more expensive.