Mechanic not fixing car problem

Okay guys, so my car has been driving smoothly for about 2 months, before that, it had a lot of starting problems. We fixed the starter, got a new battery and everything was good until last week. The starting problem is back but this time it’s not the battery. I had to have it tow to the mechanic. He put it in spark plugs because he said that someone had taken them out?? So that was the reason the car didn’t want to start and he said it had an electrical problem so he got it to work, he also replaced the gas pump, he said that was it so I drove it to my house but a day later, it’s having the same starting problem, now I’m stranded in Ikea and my mechanic is suppose to come and fix the car (either have it tow or fix it on the spot) I want to know if I will have to pay for all of this when I already payed yesterday to have the problem fixed. This is such a stressful situation, idk much about cars and i kinda trust my mechanic, he got recommended by my sister, i just don’t want to be taken for a fool, it just seems like the car works every month then something doesn’t work, I’m trying to buy a brand new car but for now this is the only car I have, does anyone know what the problem can be?

Nissan Altima 2002

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you can have a new starter and a new battery and the car can fail to start from many other issues. a lack of fuel. which may be why the mechanic changed your fuel pump. but a new fuel pump is $500 usually and you would have mentioned paying that bill. many other things can fail that would prevent a car from starting. mostly electrical. any number of sensors such as cam sensor or crank sensor. these parts are totally unrelated to a bad starter or battery