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Measuring the heat

I looked at the heat of Gaage, and it was so beautiful while it was still fun. It runs over 5 minutes in the middle of the road. The air in the room was hot. The bus passes through the red line to Redline, and then returns to the usual heat and is still in the rear of the car. Is this the best thing?

Could you please repeat the question coherently. Maybe then someone can actually attempt to answer this non-sense.


Please try again. My guess is English is not your first language. Not trying to be mean, but your description does not make sense.
Plus we need the following information:
Type of transmission
Miles/kilometers on vehicle
Any check engine light codes

Any time the Temp gage goes into the red line…there is a big problem.

Get this towed to a mechanic before you do major damage to the engine and need an entire engine replacement.

As far as the rest of your post. We have no idea what you are trying to say.