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McGyvering your headlights

'A Washington State Patrol officer pulled over a motorist on I-90 near North Bend on Nov. 30 after noticing the vehicle's "super dim" headlights, patrol spokesman Rick Johnson told CNN. Closer inspection revealed the unnamed driver had duct-taped flashlights to the front of his vehicle to replace the headlights, which had been damaged in a crash. Flashlights-as-headlights are illegal in Washington because they don't provide enough brightness, Johnson said, adding that the driver also had a suspended license.'

Tried but failed, more than just a little hit to the passenger side(photos from CNN’s report)

At least he tried.


So there we were somewhere in CA, Left the wife and critter in the hotel room and went out cruisin, and the nearest bar turned out to be a Korean gangster bar. I knew a little Korean after many years in Tae Kwan do with a 6th degree black belt who only used Korean. So they let me sit in the bar, finely dressed gentlemen. It was Karaoke night, and after a few scotches I decided to do this song, and got a rounding ovation. Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy. Must be the weekend posting music. Bob Dylans son.

You look so young. Oh that’s not your? I didn’t know he had a son I guess. I’ve always been a Dylan fan for his music anyway not necessarily his life style. His concert was pretty disappointing though.

Sorry to hear Bobby D? concert disappointing. Worst concert ever for me, Gordon lightfoot, drunk as…

It was just the guy never said anything to the audience after I don’t know $50 tickets, then just played what he wanted to play and didn’t recognize any of the old songs. Plus it was in MPLS so the minute the thing started, everyone stood up for the whole event and couldn’t see a thing. I understand though, that’s just the way he is. Doesn’t give a rip about what anyone thinks and just does his own thing. Not a real crowd pleaser. I like his music though and he has gotten religion in his old age.

I think the religion came and went, heard he got arrested as police thought he was a vagrant, Now how to get it back to cars, or headlights or anything to keep big C happy. Why is a headlight called a headlight. Head of the car? I suppose like a lady walking by course I look at the head eyes and face first, try and see if she is a gentle soul, let you guess about tail light

Too deep for me. I suppose because it lights up where you are heading. The lights you strap on your head are called headlights too, but maybe because they are on your head. But then head and tail so spose that explains it. You reminded me of the 56 Buick bumpers talking about ladies and heads and tails. (Yeah the guy does look pretty rough if you saw him on the street.)

Same here, but for Grace Slick.

He did play “Freebird” at a concert where some drunk in the back kept screaming “FREEBIRD, PLAY FREEBIRD”
Bob Dylan Actually Plays ‘Free Bird’ After Fan Request: Watch | Billboard

The world’s longest rock song: “House of the Rising Smoke on the Stairway to Free Bird comes Alive”

Didn’t help that there was a dim bulb behind the steering wheel.

' Money doesn't talk, it swears - obscenity : who really cares?'

Every time I see a “10 biggest jerks in rock and roll” list, Bob Dylan seems to be near the top, him and Billy Joel.
Someone needs to build him a coal powered car so he can use up some of his Christmas gifts from Santa.

I’ll chime in for jazz: Benny Goodman, Buddy Rich

You can’t fix stupid !!!

OK, back to cars and headlights. I know that Minnesota has a maximum headlight wattage but I can’t believe there is minimum wattage. Maybe there is a prohibition against parking light type wattage, I dunno. For the same reason I defended the poor guy in Northern Minnesota that installed a gas can to try and stay mobile with his wreck, you have to give the guy some credit for his effort. Two purposes, to be seen and see. I’m sure the flashlight still made him visible as much as a cycle and other devices on the road. Whether they where bright enough to enable him to see where he was going, is subjective subject to some evidence to the contrary, like swerving, driving way under the limit. I understand it’s not conventional but he was attempting to meet the requirements, no?

I support the police but there are police jerks too. I remember 50 years ago we were duck hunting with my uncle. You can only have three shells in your gun and have to use a plug in it so that you can’t load more than three. That night we were stopped by the game warden and he was going to cite my uncle for not having a “store bought” plug like the rest of us. He had used a stick and he demonstrated to the guy how it did the same job. After a fair amount of arguing he let us go. Just says plug, not made in a factory. Like I’m sure the law says headlights, two of them, not necessarily made by GM.

Or so it seems to me.