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MB Message

I have a Mercedes Benz 2015 C300. I get a message “Stop car, put in P, Leave Engine Running”

A battery symbol appears above the message. I had the battery tested by two places and both said the batter was fine. I heard that my model also has an alternate battery. It seems to happen when the weather is cold (35 degrees or below). The message stays on the display but if I turn off the engine and restart the car it disappears, although it may appear again.

Why did you not take it someplace that can find the actual problem? Did you just take it in and say “check my battery” ? If so, notice you did not find an answer.

A competent shop would know the answer to this question… yes there is an auxiliary battery. I notice MB says to replace the battery every 4 years… you are there right now.

Take it to a shop that can diagnose the problem, tell them the details of the messages and the warning lights and let them diagnose the problem.


The OP needs to have a competent mechanic take a look at both of this vehicle’s batteries

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You could have an alternator on the fritz. No experience w/the two battery configuration, but the basic diy’er test (for the diy’er who knows how to measure voltages) w/ the one battery configuration is to measure the battery voltage before the first start of the day. It should measure about 12.6 volts. Then immediately after starting the engine, 13.5-15.5 volts. What do you measure?

That message doesn’t seem very helpful btw, unless there’s a further explanation in the owner’s manual .

thanks for the advice

thanks for the advice; i will do this

Thanks for your advice. The second shop I brought it to I told them the message I was getting and they ran diagnostic tests…The only trouble codes they found related to low fuel level (the fuel level was low). They load tested the battery, inspected the terminals and cables. checked the wiring, vacuum lines and pcv operation. Everything was okay. I am still getting the message.

Maybe it is time to take it to a Mercedes dealer to have them check it out?

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You’re right.I will do this.