2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class - Asking Ray for a diagnosis

Hi Ray, would you be able to shed light on an issue that came up in my car I just bought from a garage a month back. The dashboard is flashing up like a Christmas tree but no affects on the running of the engine. First the rectangle with the car pic in red (signifying being too close to car in front when no car there), the engine oil light turned on twice on a long drive 3-4 times and disappears. 1* Configuration shows up, auxiliary battery charge insufficient for Stalling Mode, phi sign in front of ‘consumption from start’. I wonder what could be the cause. Is it a insufficient charge in the auxiliary battery because the ‘engine staling action’ dose not function on stopping. Thanks

Ray is not likely to respond, but hopefully a few of our professional mechanics will respond. In the meantime, my layman’s question for you is… After “the engine oil light turned on twice”, did you check the engine’s oil level, and correct it if necessary? That would be my first priority if I was in your situation.

As to the other symptoms, this could be a case of a failing battery–especially if it is the original one. Or, the alternator could be failing. Or, both… Or, the Body Control Module might be bad.

I suggest that you get the car to a foreign car specialist shop a.s.a.p., before you wind-up being stranded in an inconvenient place.


Yep, this requires hands-on diagnosis, get it to a good MB shop, or a dealer, ASAP.

I would have the auxiliary battery checked. most likely it needs to be replaced. when it is/or going bad the vehicle will run ok but will give you lights in the dash.
This battery is responsible for powering various electrical systems in the vehicle, such as the radio, navigation system, and some comfort features when the main battery is not providing power.

Fix Mercedes-Benz Auxiliary Battery Malfunction (youcanic.com)

Ray sometimes answers questions originally posed here in his Dear Car Talk column, suggest to keep looking there.

Your post reminds me of a tv-comedy show episode where the character deferred a pro-recommended transmission repair, then a week later the car wouldn’t move & all of the car’s dashboard lights started flashing like a Christmas tree.