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MB 300D vs VW Passat

I have been offered the opportunity to purchase a 2001 VW Passat with 100,000 miles from a friend for bluebook. (approx $4,000)
I own a 1984 MB 300D diesel with 321,000 miles. I’m told I might be able to get $2,000.
Does anyone know about Passats (Sedan 4D 1.8 engine I4 made in Germany)? This one has been dealer maintained. in good condition

I am open to any thoughts, advice, — offers for my car
thank you.

VWs have a history of costing more than comparable cars; they aren’t as reliable. Does your friend have maintenance and repair records for it? Oil changes must be buy the book of more frequent. See the reference below and read about engine issues.

The reference also says that there are occasional problems the ABS control module, comfort control module, brakes, and heating/AC. MSN Autos also provides a rough cost estimate with labor at $65/hour. If your friend can’t produce oil change records, you might want to pass. It really depends how much you trust him. One more ting: it’s 11 years old, and any older car is likely to need repairs. But at this age, you might really refer to the as maintenance.

You haven’t indicated why you’re considering this, or what condition your MB is in. My thoughts are that if your MB is still in good shape and fulfilling your needs, why make the change?

That vintage Passat is one I’d skip, lots of potential issues.

I’d definitely keep the Benz as it is RWD. I can’t live with wrong wheel drive.

My parents had a Passat of that vintage, and it had reliability problems. I’d stay away from it.