MB 1995 c220 Timing chain noise

I have a serious suspicion that I have a timing chain rattle. Using a pipe I located the sound to the front of the engine. It ticks much faster than the injectors like more than ten times faster. There are a few different parts involved with the timing chain tension. Anyone out there have a good target for the first parts to replace? I have 150k miles on this car. I hope it is a spring loaded something but want advise as to experience with chain rattle repairs. Thanks.

These are the parts you’re going to need,



You want to fix this ASAP. Because if the timing chain jumps time or breaks you end up with bent valves.


Thanks @tester. This is what I gathered from MBworld discussions. They did not affect my car directly, but you certainly got the parts right. The trouble was I was not sure how the early signs would manifest. Any spring loaded system at this age needs attention. Just did not realize the valve interference issue. Not used to that on a chain drive.