Mazda6 bike rack

2006 Mazda6s sedan. Assume I want to carry two big heavy commuter style bikes using this car. What’s the best way to do it? What damage will this inflict on my car? Assume no do it yourself skills.


Find a local bicycle shop and ask them to show you their available car racks. There are a lot to choose from.

One option-get a light duty tow hitch receiver installed, use a rack that attaches to the receiver. Worked well for me.

I have some athletic friends who use proper roof carriers; the bikes sit upright and are properly secured.

Neither my wife nor I are prepared to do heavy lifting so we have a trunk mounted rack. I wouldd not recommend that either since it is very easy to scratch the trunk lid and hard to get into the trunk with the bikes mounted. Texases has the right answer, a hitch mounted and removable rack/post works great.

The tow hitch receiver bike rack is EXCELLENT. I’ve owned one for years. I’ve also owed the roof rack type. Besides having to muscle the bikes on top of the vehicle…you’re also not limited by garage or drive-thru height issues.

Yeah, I had a roof rack - stopped using it for the same reasons Doc and Mike mention. Just make sure with the receiver-mounted rack that you watch out if the bikes are wider than the car.

I have a hitch rack also,
The one I got, undo a pin to lower bikes to open hatch.
The one I wish I got lowered and raised by spring action, virtually eliminate lifting. Sounds like a good choice for you. One additional Item that came with mine was an adapter to carry ladies bike. Happy Trails.

The bike rack I have I can tow with. Carry 4 bikes and haul my pop-up at the same time.

Love it.