Mazda6 2006

I have a mazda6 s 2006-v6.

At a speed of 50 or above when I try to accelerate quickly the tachometer’s needle jumps up to 6+ RPM’s (depending on how fast I try to accelerate) but the speed of the car will not change. I am concerned but at the same time it only happens when I have been driving for a while (10 minutes +) and when I am going 50mph or above.
Also it usually skips the fifth gear but It is not the clutch because the car is an automatic.



Please post any stored fault codes?
Does it have a Mazda or a Ford engine (don’t laugh, please. Many Mazdas have Ford engines)
What transmission?
Ford or Mazda?
How many miles?
Sounds like a transmission problem.
Perhaps it’s time for a trans fluid and filter service.

3.0L Engine ?
Six Speed Automatic ?
Car Built Before February 24, 2006 ?

Mazda Has Found Some 2005 - 2006 Mazda 6 vehicles to have transmission problems like what you describe. The fix could require a new transmission control valve body.

Search and find a 3 page copy of Mazda Technical Service Bulletin, TSB # 05-016/06, written for Mazda Technicians, and read it (I couldn’t get you one.) or call a dealer.

Mazda took responsibility for repairs for vehicles that had the defect discovered while covered by factory warranty.


Here’s the TSB that @commonsenseanswer was referring to.течь%20масла%20из%20КПП.pdf

JP, I am having the exact same issue with my 2006 Mazda 6 Sportswagon. Did the info in the TSB assist? Wondering what you did to remedy the issue. AMS