Mazda5 suspension issues again

I have a 2010 Mazda5 with 64,000 miles with repeated suspension issues. Apologies in advance that I don’t know much of anything about cars and I don’t recall specific conversations with my mechanic. When the car was still under warranty (right around 30,000 miles in 2013), I was having a lot of creaks, groans and rough driving. I have misplaced the service records (I have a call in with the dealer to get the records sent to me but that is still pending) but I recall that they at least replaced the sway bar but perhaps some other parts as well. I have since had some rear suspension work done (bushings, for sure) as it is incredibly creaky on warm days.

About 2 weeks ago, I was hearing (and feeling) some dull thuds from the front so I took it to my trusted mechanic. He found one of the struts was leaking. He said because of the way the parts are sold, he’d need to replace the whole front shebang. However, he told me that if he were me that he would give up on this car. He said that the suspension issues are a design flaw. If I put the new parts in that they will break in another 30,000 or so miles. He asked me if I knew of any recalls on the car as he services other Mazda5s with the same issues (there aren’t any recalls). He suggested trying to get some resolution from Mazda.

At this point, I am trying to decide what route to pursue- trying to work with Mazda or just having the work done. Do you think there are any chances that Mazda would help me out? Or is it reasonable for a car to have this many suspension issues? I just do normal city driving.

Replacing the car would be absolutely wonderful but not sure it’s a responsible financial move for us now. However, throwing more money at this car might not be a wise use of resources either.