CX-7 with a rebuilt engine, good idea?

I’m looking to buy a 2007 mazda CX-7 GT with 126k on it but the engine has been rebuilt. The guy seems honest enough to me, says that the timing chain broke under warranty at 80k and so they changed the engine. They put a rebuilt engine that had 60k in, so the car actually has 140k but the new engine has 126k. I haven’t looked at the paperwork yet but he says he has everything documented from mazda. How should I feel about this?

“How should I feel about this?”

Nervous, as you are. If I am not wrong this is a Turbo engine and also calls for premium gas. It is an sporty and could have been driven by someone who was inspired. I would have it checked in and out by a mechanic and even then buy it only if I am getting it dirt cheap. Budget a good wad of cash for repairs.

Since everything has been documented, and he still has the paperwork, it might not be that bad an idea, as long as his other paper work is the maintenance work he’s had done to the car while he’s owned it.
As Galant said, have it checked out by a mechanic to see if it has any other problems

The story is a bit suspect. A timing chain generally only breaks because the engine is sludged due to lack of oil changes, loss of oil pressure, etc. This would not be a warrantable item as far as Mazda is concerned.

A “rebuilt” engine does not have 60k miles on it. This was a used engine from the get-go and at 126k miles it’s well-used.

I’m not saying the car is necessarily a bad deal but that would depend on the asking price.
A neglected engine often means the rest of the car has been neglected also.

So his asking price is 12k. I’m in Canada so it’s canadian dollars and kms on the car. As a comparison generally the asking price by dealers for the same year and model is around 19.5k (with less milage on it) and from owner about 17.9k. So I’m looking at almost a 50% cheaper kinda deal. You’re right about it being a turbo galant, it’s a 244-horsepower turbocharged and intercooled 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine with direct injection. I have a new family (which is why my mazda 3 is getting small) and he has a wife and 2 small children. It’s his wife’s car and he says they have a cabin about 3h out of the city (highway milage). Thanks for your imput guys, I really appreciate it.

I would at least run a compression test before even considering buying this car. Someone apparently put a used engine in it and 60k miles can be an eternity depending on how it was driven and maintained.

If the engine is solid (top end wise) then you should see consistent 180 PSI or higher readings on all cylinders with little variation from one cyl. to the next.

I’ll definitely do that, thanks for the advice. I have a mechanic I trust in a local garage, would he have the equipement for that test or do I need to go to mazda for that?
Also is there any way to find out the condition of the turbo? Cause I hear it’s about 5k to have it changed if it lets go.
I’ve already asked the guy to get an inspection at mazda, is there anything else I should ask him to do?

the VVT actuator/timing chain failure is a known issue with the early model CX-7, as is the AC compressor(something else the OP should consider having checked out). TSBs are out for both problems. Mazda USA has extended some good will warranties for both items to some customers, not sure about the Canadians though.

To find out about a smoking turbo(leaking turbo seal), let it idle for about half an hour and see if any white smoke is coming from the tailpipes. It’s a combination of blown turbo seals and a bad setup for the PCV system. If you can get record from the previous owner on oil changes and whatnot, then you might be able to get good will, or free, replacement should something happen.
Link to a copy of the turbo TSB