Mazda Tribute fire



My daughter had a 2002 Mazda Tribute SUV with about 100,000 miles on it. While she was shopping for printer paper at a Target store, the Tribute caught fire and was badly damaged. It had been standing about 20 minutes in the parking lot while she shopped, so it isn’t as if it was under a heavy heat load. The time was also evening, so even the ambient temperature was moderate. The question is this: is this a common occurrence? If so, why in the world has she heard no word from Ford or Mazda? Do you think she has a product liability case? I would appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks!


The fire investigator will determine likely cause. If it turns out out to be a cigarette or something faulty left plugged into the power outlet, then your case would not be against Mazda. If the report indicates a Mazda defect, then you may have one.

Either way, a lawyer would be your next call. They have the expertise to properly determine any possible legal action.