Mazda Spaceship

Hello all! I have 2007 Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.3 L.
Yesterday I was driving home from out of state to my home which is about 170 miles. Just about 110 miles into the drive home with 60 miles to go, my RPMs were staying right at 4 RPMs and 4th gear when doing 80 mph. Normally my car would shift (it’s automatic but I have a gauge that tells me what gear I’m in) to 5th gear. I started experiencing this right after we got over a mountain pass where my car tends to struggle. I watched it stay in 4th gear and stay at 4 RPMs and then I decided to pull off because my car started to sound like the Jetsons space ship. I had it off for a few minutes and it started up again but still sounding bad. I got back into the freeway with hazards on and keeping speed down to make it to a gas station which was the next exit and my husband opened my hood and couldn’t see anything wrong but that my car was leaking coolant which I had just filled up before our trip, and it was a lot. So we got it towed home and have a mechanic who we dropped it off at who will look at it sometime this week but isn’t probably going to look at it anytime soon. I just want to know if anyone knows what it could possibly be? I had no car lights on for the engine or oil, nothing. So I am really in the dark on this. If it’s an engine problem, which my husband has blown his truck engine before and thinks this might be the case, that will cost more than my car is worth and we will have to find another vehicle for me. Just wanting to know if anyone has any idea what this might be so I know if
I should be looking at other vehicles or whatnot. Thanks!

Even at 80 mph I wouldn’t think it should be turning 4000 rpm’s so that’s an issue right there unless you had your foot into it going up a steep hill . If it was leaking a lot of course that has to found and fixed . A car in good condition wont leak under any instances if its working ok . Could be a water pump or something like that .