Mazda protege


own a mazda protege 5 2002

trying to remove brake rotors … will not budge


There is a threaded hole between the lug nuts. Use the appropriate metric bolt to push the rotor off the hub. Get an M5, M6, and M7 bolt to try to find the best fit.


thanxs tried didnt work


Those two threaded holes in the brake rotor are there for that very reason… to aid removal of the rotor. The bolt size is M8 (8 mm), with thread of either 1.25 or 1.50. A bolt 40mm is long enough. I’ve seen metric bolts at Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys, Ace Hardware (overly expensive).


i think the rotor is rusted on & wont budge


Crank on both screws an equal amount. The rotor needs an even pull across it. If you’re not reusing the brake rotor, wail on it with a BIG hammer. You could, also, squirt oil and pentrating fluid around the center. /// Make sure there aren’t two screw HOLDING the rotor on!


thanks will try