Mazda Protege DX7LX 1995 Automatic


I am thinking of buying this car froma friend of mine, but the car has one glitch. The transmission takes a second to shift into drive from park. Lately, it hasn’t been driven much since my friend has a newer car. He finds that the tranny shifts best when cold into 2nd first and then immediately into Drive. Some folks think that the tranny may fail. Any thoughts? Thanks


Yes, that can be a sign of impending transmission failure. I’d take it to a mechanic before you buy it.


If a mechanic has checked it out and says it only needs to be driven regularly, am I safe?


First- What car is it and how much ?? '95 protege is a dx, lx, or es. …what engine ?? 1.5 or 1.8 & the miles?

second-- there is more than one ‘glitch’ with this car and every part is 100 $+ !! the dx- 1.5 is known for egr problem and air tube …$$$

the pro is a good car and can last a long time … but a mechanic should look at it first.