Mazda protege 5 hesitation at 3k rpm

Have 2002 mazda protege 5 . During acceleration at 3000 rpm the engine hesitates. Computer said o2 sensor, replaced it but that wasn’t it. Drilled out both catalytic, that wasn’t it. Found hole in mass air flow tube, figured that is it. I haven’t replaced that yet, however I used gorilla tape thinking it would be a temporary fix but that didn’t work. I know I need to replace that tube, but think that it may now be a fuel pump issue?? Help please.

I found a posting from burbs00 in September of 2013 that had same issue. It’s there any way I can find out how he fixed it?

If you’re referring to a posting, unfortunately, many posters never respond with the final resolution (hint, hint).

Yeah, @adog, insightful is right. If the thread doesn’t contain burbs00’s resolution, we don’t really have any way to find out. I’ll tell you, though, folks here would really appreciate it if you’d tell them how it goes for you. Who knows? Someone else may search the archives and get some help from you someday.

A mechanic with a scan tool should be able to drive the car and see what is causing the stumble. I once had a motorcycle that stumbled at 5500 rpm. A new ignition module fixed it.

Thanks, I will post when I find out problem