Mazda protege 2000


Car is difficult to shift out of park when cold in morning. Took car to the dealer, they replaced shift lock cable. Car sometimes still has trouble in the morning. Car has been back to dealer and they suggested changing the battery, which I did. Car still has same symtoms, please help. Jack


I would suggest an independent mechanic. Dealers are not gods. They have no special powers and they are not even needed to do mmaintenance to maintain the warranty. The only time I usually see a dealer is when the work is covered under warranty as the dealers are generally more expensive. On the there hand Some dealers have very good service departments.


If you are parking on a slope, and the car is held from rolling by Park, it will be hard to yank it out of Park. You should put it in neutral, use the hand brake to hold the car, then put it in Park as a backup measure.