Early in the 90’s Mazda marketed a marque named Eunos. It was based a luxury sedan based on the Mazda CA platform. It may have shared some components with the Ford Telstar which was marketed in Japan at the same time however based on the CG platform. My question is specific to the Eunos 500V. I have one of these, a 1993 with only 40K miles and in excellent condition. Unfortunately the A/C as died and this restricts all air flow into the car.
I’m told I need an electronic box called a A/C amp which attaches to the rear (engine side) of the dashboard control unit (on/off, fan, temp, etc.). Does anyone have any idea as to whether or not this unit was used in any vehicles imported to the U.S. and if so, can it be sourced. I’m striking out here in Australia and not making much progress in Japan either.

Cheers from downunder,

Sounds as if one of the doors for directing airflow has a motor that went out. You should have a blend door for mixing outside air. Another door that redirects flow for the defrost, floor, or dash. Another door for heat/ac temp control. I would do some investigating to see if it all the motors are driving when commanded.

In the US, Mazda marketed the Millenia (a plural name for a car, which actually makes little sense, but I digress), which was built on the same platform, and which was mechanically very similar to your Eunos model.

It is very possible that the A/C component that you need was also used on the Millenia, but I see two problems with acquiring one from The US:

>The Millenia was a failure in terms of sales, and because so few were sold, the availability of parts is likely to be…not good…or more likely…non-existent for a part like this.
>If you do locate a Millenia part in the US, the shipping cost (coupled with the return shipping cost if it is not the right part) may make this an impractical project for you.

Good luck with your quest!