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Aftermarket air conditioner for 1996 Mazda Miata

I bought a used Miata that does not have air conditioning. Does anyone have any advice as to whether it is a good idea to install an aftermarket A.C system? If so, which type would you recommend. I’m tired of sweating while I drive my convertible.

I would find a local AC specialist and talk to them. Have them price a few options (name of system manufacturer), including an Mazda OEM system if available. Make your decision from there. I have personally had mixed results with after market systems, so I generally prefer OEM since they seemed to work out better.

I had one put in. At first it did not do so well but after checking things out, I found that I needed more vacuum storage so the final $10.00 I spent took care of it. I was very happy with mine. It was installed by my local A/C shop.