Mazda b2300 doesn't start in after rain


So after a really cold night in the winter (-10C) or when it rains my mazda b2300 doesn’t turn over and or start. The electronics in the car come on and it makes a strange electronic noise when turning the key but not crank and no fire. I can start it with a boost and or push start. The battery is new and has been tested. It was just in the shop and they said it was fine. Day before taking it to the shop it wouldn’t start, day after leaving the shop it wouldn’t start. :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is related as it has not happened in months since the winter… On 3 occasions in the winter it started but chugged for a good 20 minutes, spitting out white smoke, would run but no real power on the pedal, maxed out at around 30km/h. Once warm it ran fun. This hasn’t happened in months, though the starting issue persists.

Any ideas out there? Thanks.

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Corroded battery cables, or grounds or starting relay, or fuse box the relay is mounted in. Start there.
Possibly a bad ignition switch or neutral safety switch or maybe a clutch switch - I don’t know, you didn’t tell me what transmission this has, the year, the mileage, or anything except “Mazda B2300”.
You’ll need a volt-ohm meter and patience or a much better shop than you used. Good Luck.


Yikes, thats a lot of places. :slight_smile:

5 speed, 02, 250000km. They recommended an auto electrician. That maybe it was shorting somewhere.

Yes, electrical problems can be difficult to trace down. Especially intermittent ones. They take a methodical approach and loads of patience.

I’d take that recommendation… shorting, possibly, high resistance, likely. Especially on a 19 year old truck with a quarter million km on it.


Roger thanks. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi, one last thought.

If it starts fine with a boost would that point towards a battery issue?


When the engine is dry and starts perfectly…then get a spray bottle of water and start spraying down the components mentioned by Mustangman until the vehicle won’t start anymore.

Sort of points to a battery issue… not enough of the battery’s current and voltage can get to the starter. Doesn’t mean the battery is bad, it means the battery’s path to the starter is bad. It may point more to a ground (negative) wire problem than a problem with the positive. The jumper goes to the positive cable of the battery but typically the negative is clamped directly to the engine bypassing the battery’s negative cable.