Cold weather start....maybe

I have a 1994 Mazda b3000 with 190,000 miles. It’s been fine starting (has a 2 year old starter) most of the time. This winter it’s been more and more stubborn and won’t even start now. I tried jumping it and got the same results …it tried to turn over but wouldn’t quite go. It tends to have a better chance starting in warmer weather. Any help is appreciated, thanks…

“it tried to turn over but wouldn’t quite go”

How about more detail? Are you saying that the starter is turning the crankshaft (at normal speed or slow?) or that it is making some noises but not rotating the crankshaft or exactly what? If it is turning the crankshaft then the question is … is it turning it over at a normal speed or slower or faster?

How old is the battery? Was that now two year old starter a new or a rebuilt starter? Many rebuilds are not very well rebuilt.

While we are at it, let’s consider other possibilities. How is the generator? Has the battery been tested? On down the line, how about ignition system (plugs wires etc.) as they apply to your car?

So it sounds like it starts to turn over very slowly, but then slowly dies off, then down to not turning over at all. I have the radio etc. powered off, so there’s no additional draw on the battery or engine.

Brand new starter a couple of years ago.

The battery hasn’t been tested and I don’t know how old it is. It could be a tired, old battery.

As for the ignition system…I can only attest to the key working. I can check the spark plugs etc. I don’t know about the generator.

Thanks for your help.

You probably just need a new battery. This is what happens when they get old and tired. Things like spark plugs and starters and stuff will not give you a weak crank.

Many auto parts stores will test your battery & charging system for free. Just go to one & have it done. When they discover a bad battery they’ll even install a new one for you - if you’re into that kind of thing.

It could be a tired, old battery.

Yea, likely the battery. You can bring the battery (in the car if you can get it started) to many auto part stores and they will test the battery and often the charging system for free. Most do an honest good job. They may not be a through as a good mechanic, but they will catch most problems.

All right. Thanks, I’ll try a battery test and probably a new battery.
Thanks again for the notes.