Mazda 626 1982 Part

I need a fan pulley for a Mazda 626, 1982, standard shift,part # 8356-15-131. Car was flooded in the '05 Army Corps. of Eng.-sponsored levee break in New Orleans; most parts have been replaced, but now this is broken, and we cannot find it! Car has 86,000 miles, and was my mom’s. Please help! Thanks.

Did you get the car running yet?How bad was it flooded?All is good except the pulley?Have you tried a salvage yard that is part of chain of yards?

The car was running well, until I ignored a bad rattling, and the fan pulley broke. I’d had to change the fan belt many times, and thought this was the same thing, only worse. When it made the usual “oops, there goes the belt, broken again” noise and I pulled into a gas station, got out the tools and a new belt and looked under the hood, it was, oh, ____! The car was flooded to, but not onto, the dash. It had sat for seven years, so needed, with the two weeks in salt water, new rotors, brakes, belts, radiator, fan, clutch, front shocks, some little rubber gadgets on the front end whose name I’ve forgotten, and maybe a few other things. A wonderful mechanic/musician friend of my neighbor’s was going around helping flood victims with their cars, at their houses, for the cost of the parts and practically nothing else. He’s as good as Tom & Ray were back in the '70’s when they helped me fix my '66 Dart, and then my '70 Valiant at their first two do-it-yourself garages, and a wonderful person. Now his own garage is back up, and his music gigs have picked up, and I’m with a regular garage (he mostly works on really fancy cars). The junk yards here, of course, were all flooded too, and people don’t try to shelve such a small part. Alas, no fan-belt pulley, no runee car. This part isn’t even available through Mazda in Japan. Help!! Thanks.