Mazda 6

I have a 2005 Mazda 6. When it is cold - I start the vehicle & begin to drive. When I slow down and the RPMS get around 1000 - the car begins to run really rough & try to stall. If I put my foot on the gas - I can usually prevent it from stalling. The problem disappears once the car gets warm. The dealership recalibrated the PCM based on a Mazda Alert. However, it has not corrected the issue. Looking for thoughts on what could be causing this?

When was the last tranny servicing? How’s the tranny fluid look?

I’m thinking that perhaps the torque converter is loading down the engine too much. I admit to not being a tranny guy, but perhaps one of the posters more knowledgable in this area can comment on my thoughts.

You might have a problem with your Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF).
Cleaning it, or replacing it, may be in order.

Then there’s the idle air control (IAC) valve which is what delivers air to the engine when your foot is not on the throttle. When those get sluggish you can get this kind of thing. Those can be cleaned.

Is it always on connection with braking? Or is it just as likely to happen when just coasting?

Has there been a check engine light and has anyone pulled error codes? If so, what were they?

No check engine lights - dealership said there were any error codes. It will happen with coasting & braking. Once the car is warm - it runs fine.

How many miles on the car? It might be time to change the spark plugs and wires too.