Mazda 6 electrical problems

My 2009 Mazda 6 idiot lights are all coming on and staying on. The car runs fine but occassionally the interior light comes on while I’m driving. I’ve been told that the 6 has four electrical grounds, three of which are located in a front wheel well and a bad connection is the proble. First is this ture and second just where are the grounds located so I can clean and retighten them? Thanks.

Did both first show up simultaneously? If not, even if so, could be 2 separate issues.

The interior light coming on sounds like a problem with one of the door switches.

The idiot lights might be related to the wiring through the ignition switch - as in, turn the key partway and the idiot lights (all or most) come on. Maybe try a different key, by itself (no weighty mass of dangling keys.)

Read the following!-MUST-READ-FOR-ALL-M6-OWNERS!!

great link, thanks for sharing!

in addition to what article author suggests, I would use some electric contact lubrication in strategic places where fretting can be a possibility (like in terminals)