Mazda 6 AC

I have a 2008 Mazda 6 that has been a great car, but with it getting warmer, every time I use the AC the air coming through the vents starts warm then cools, then warms then cools. What is causing it to be so inconsistent? As far as I know the AC has never been recharged or serviced.

You need to take this car to a specialist independent A/C shop. The fact that it can blow cold air means the compressor is probably OK. This could then mean that the controls for blending the hot and cold air are not functioning properly. It could also be low on refrigerant.

With any luck you may end up with only $100 or so bill. But there could be other problems. But you have to go to a specialist shop or the dealer who will charge you a lot mor for the same service.

My guess is low refrigerant. Unless there’s other symptoms, such as funny noises or odors?

@mitalasano any competent independent shop should be able to handle this

Unless they don’t have the proper equipment or knowledge