From Afghanistan mazda 1999 626



I have a 99 626 whose air condition started acting up a few yrs ago. Now it will only blow cool air if I leave it running on 1 for about 20 min or sooner if I’m riding around town. If I’m on te highway forget it. Well when @ idle with the air on the whole motor literally shakes every 30 second or so. When driving I knw the air is on when the car losses power.

The car will stutter when going up a hill with the air on. I push on the gas and nothing for a se ond or 2 then it catches up. I had a trans rebuilt 2 yrs ago & I’m hoping this isnt the same problem. I am deployed but need to get an answer for my wife to take to the repair shop so she doesn’t get the run around. If anyone can help please it is appreciated.

From Afghanistan OOORAH


I’d guess that the A/C is low on refrigerant charge. The “stuggering” could be a combination of several things: dirty fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs (and wires), bad (worn) throttle position sensor (tps), etc.