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Mazda 3i

My mazda 3i is cutting out while driving. I added fuel injector additive to gas and it still cuts out. Battery check is fine. Does anyone have any ideas what the issue can be. RPM loss

Bad coil, plug wire, spark plug, fuel pressure regulator or pump, bad injector, or a host of other possibilities. Gonna have to take it in for a diagnosis on this one.

Year? Miles?

Codes? Maintenance history?

We need a place to start…

Sorry for lack of detail… 2005 mazda3i… 116K miles…WIl need to get towed. when motor cuts out I get all dashboard lights like alt,battery etc. Car starts but the and drives for about 2minutes and cuts out. SOunds like fuel pump,injector but I am not a mechanic

By “codes” I mean the fault codes that the computer stores when a sensor detects improper operation. They should be on your copies of the shop orders, and they can provide a great clue as to what’s actually wrong.

It sounds like you’ve yet to get the car looked at, so all I can suggest at this point is to be sure you keep your copy of the shop order, and be sure the codes are on it and it’s somewhat specific as to the findings. It’s a great thing for future reference.

Sincere best.