Mazda 3 SP23 2007 Hatchback Automatic AT Light and Limp Mode. (Save me)

Hey Mazda forum members.

I have quite the issue on my hand that no one can seem to figure out and now its basically up to me to try to solve it which, I have little to no experience with this sort of stuff so
I’m a little in over my head but I have no choice. Ill explain.

So about 8 to 10 weeks ago now the AT light on the dashboard came on and the engine light and the car went into limp mode (wouldn’t go past the 3rd gear) so I took it to my mechanic the next day.

They believed it might be water it a plug because it had been raining a lot, simple enough so they cleaned that out.

didn’t work.

But whilst this bit was happening I was able to turn the car off then back on and it would be fine it would go in all gears with no issues.

So we took it back in and the codes that came up were shift solenoid A and ECU problems they believed it was the shift solenoid and the car was under warranty so before it was covered they wanted to change the auto-transmission fluid, which we did, also didn’t fix it.

So we changed the shift solenoid, didn’t fix it, so we changed the ECU and that didn’t fix it same codes came up to where we blamed the supplier and went elsewhere and changed the ECU for a second time. Didn’t work.

As this went on the car started getting worse where the dashboard lights for P (Park) R (Reverse) N (Neutral) D (Drive) would all flash and change whilst driving where I would stop at traffic lights and it would put itself in park or believe it was till i started moving and it kicked itself into drive The whole turning the car off and on fix also stopped around this point too it was only going into limp mode at this point…

So we came to the conclusion that we had to change the entire gearbox, which keep in mind this was all covered by warranty.

So we changed the gearbox and that still did not fix it.

But it did fix the lights flashing on the dashboard, and it did go out of limp mode here and there are some points.

So I brought it back to the mechanic and they were stumped and had to send me elsewhere, so I went to another auto trans mechanic they recommended and he believed it was the ECU that was changed twice previously so I’ll be honest I don’t believe it was the ECU, but went with it, but I was soon to find out the warranty wouldn’t be covered anymore because I had reached my limit. So now its just me where I believe im going to have to study auto trans and maybe by luck ill come across something, but any advice would be really good.

But it going into limp mode with the AT light coming on I feel is completely random sometimes Ill start the car and put it into drive and it’ll do it straight away sometimes ill be driving and it’ll kick in.

I had to take my foot off the accelerator for it to change gear as well won’t go into 4th or 5th unless i take my foot off otherwise it’ll stay in third mostly and go into limp mode.

Theres probably a lot more too this that im missing atm but if you are interested ask anything you’d like and ill answer with the best of my knowledge.

I’m having a hard time understanding how any of this was under warranty on a 2007 model year vehicle

One thing’s clear, though . . .

You’ll have to bring the car to a shop where they have the patience to diagnose and repair it correctly. clearly, none of the guys you’ve been dealing with have the patience or knowledge to handle this

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