MAZDA 3 Swimming Pool!

Hi car talk community, so my 2006 hatchback mazda 3 has a swimming pool in the trunk caused by a leak. It fills up the area where the spare tire is. I can’t seem to find where the water is coming in. I live in Kodiak, Alaska so it rains a lot and the water always finds a way in. I suspected it was coming through the tail lights but when I poured water with a bottle on the tail lights and other areas around where the hatchback seals, I couldn’t see any water coming in the trunk. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with hatchbacks or more specifically, mazda hatchbacks? Thanks:)

this might help…
Mazda 3 water leaks - YouTube

nice! thanks:)

hope it helps. good luck

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Besides the rear light fixtures, inspect the water channel that diverts water that hits the roof and runs down & around the rear window/trunk area. Anything that penetrates that channel’s surface could cause this sort of leak.