Mazda 3 Lube Points

I have a 2007 Mazda 3. I want to start changing the oil myself and doing the lube.

My question is: where are the lube points on this car, and what kind of lube should i use? I do this on my '02 tacoma, and use valvoline synpower grease (or something like that).


The owner’s manual/maintenance schedule should tell you if there are any lube points, and where they are located, but I’m guessing there are none on the Mazda3. I haven’t owned a car that had grease fittings in a long time. I’m not even sure why I still have a grease gun.

Follow the maintenance schedule and you can’t go wrong.

Unfortunately, grease fittings have disappeared, and you just replace ball joints and other items as they wear out. If the protective covers over the joints stay intact, don’t let in salt water, and they don’t crack at -30F, they will last a long time. My Nissan with 116,000 miles had both CV joints & shafts replaced, but the rest of the front end is still OK so far. But I’m crossing my fingers. Your manual will likely tell you to lube the door hinges, hood and trunk latch and things like that. That usually needs a white grease.