Mazda 3 break-in risk

Sorry if this a repost…

I found this online recently about Mazda3s: http://www…break-ins/

Apparently if you kick a Mazda3 in just the right spot on the door, it’ll open the locking mechanism, allowing someone to break in with no sign except a softball-sized dent in the door. From what I understand, it’s been a serious problem in certain parts of Canada, but I haven’t heard much about it in the US.

Do you think this is a reason to look for a different car? I love the Mazda3, so I’m very disappointed to find out about this. And if it matters, I live in a suburb of Syracuse, NY, which I don’t think is really a hotbed of crime and car thefts. Thanks in advance for any opinions/advice.

I would not worry other than some kids may hear about it and try it out on your car. If it did work, it would only get them past the door, which can be done using a rock on the window.

I’m just a little afraid the car would wind up a dent magnet. :slight_smile:

I look at it the way you do, but when I told my boyfriend about it, he encouraged me to look at other cars instead.

The article is a year old and it indicates that the company has already overcome the problem. All new Mazda3’s now being sold should be safe from this method of entry. Great little car, by the way.

Whether or not it’s been since resolved, thank you for taking the time to pass the tip on.

Just carry comprehensive insurance from Day 1 and to its grave. Problem solved if it happens.

Leave the doors unlocked. Same as with a convertible.