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Mazda 3 6-gear on steep hills?

Hi Car Talk community,
I have a Mazda 3 6-gear and have trouble staring from a standstill on a very steep hill. I roll back, skid to move forward; it is a generally scary experience. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have a solution? I went to the dealer and was told that the SkyActv engine has decrease some of the power. Fine, but this feels dangerous. Help, please!

Is the a 6 speed manual or auto transmission? If it is a manual, you could use the parking brake to hold on the hill and release the brake when the car starts moving forward. You can practice on some gentle hills then you’ll be ready for steep hills.

I’m guessing the traction control is cutting power from the motor if a wheel starts to spin. You can see if there is a button somewhere to disable the traction control when you are starting on a steep hill.

Practice, practice, practice.

Cars with the parking brake behind the shift lever make it easy to hold the car from rolling back while waiting for a light or an opening in traffic and if properly manipulated, pressing the brake release button while holding the brake lever to prevent rolling back, initiating the engagement of the clutch, and lowering the hand brake just as the car begins to move away has been the best method for me. But the heal and toe method works quite well for many, also.

Get an auto next time and you wont have near as much problem on hills,low torque motors dont like to start a vehicle on a hill,unless you have a nice low gear to compensate for it-Kevin

Is this your first experience with a manual tranny?

Manual or automatic, the car, especially a front wheel drive one, is not meant to be sling shot up hill. Power should be smoothly applied to the drive wheels for the tires to do their thing. You can compare lifting a 50 pound dumbbell versus having it dropped on your toes

When you apply power gradually, the car tends to roll backward until the propulsion takes over. This is why you don’t release your brake until you don’t need it. This is basic hill start safety that you were taught in driver’s ed

I’m with @chunkyazaian.
A hand brake is very helpful to start on hills. A parking brake that’s foot applied is good but less effective. Their proper use is a must for positive starting with no roll back on steep hills without grinding the clutch away. It’s not only a good aid, but routinely using it keeps it in good working order. Use it ALL the time.
Btw, Uncle’s tip on disabling traction control is very good too. The dealer sounds like he is still selling cars instead of helping you…they all work the same way. The computer cuts the power to the motor to prevent wheel spin the fwd on hills want to do, not some fancy name for the motor !

Hey guys, why are some of you asssuming the car has a manual transmission?

The poster has not answered that question yet.

In fact, the poster hasn’t responded to anything at all.

I assume it is a manual because he would have no problem with it rolling backward with an automatic. Especially if he uses the left foot for the brake, as everyone should.

I’m betting it’s an automatic, The new Mazda 3’s can be had with a “sky-active” 6 speed automatic to compliment the Sky-active engine. From what I’ve read, it’s a very lightweight unit and Mazda went through great pains to make sure it has as little internal friction/driveline loss as possible. It’s very possible that this car will roll backwards at lights or stop signs without the brakes applied.

I don’t think it’s an automatic.

If it were a manual, I think the OP would’ve mentioned it. It’s been my experience that people who drive manuals tend to know more about their cars than people who drive automatics (no disrespect intended to anyone).

Daddy, I won’t argue your point, but I won’t drive anything but an automatic and I have always known my cars inside and out. I have done all my maintainence and repairs for 60 yrears but don’t do much of it anymore.
I hope the OP comes back and lets us know if it is a manual or automatic.
I know a guy who rented a car , drove from Kansas City to Baton Rouge and back and didn’t even know what kind of a car it was.

IKAT Please let us know if you are talking about a manual or automatic.

IKAT Where did you go??