Mazda 2002 MPV Transmission

The minivan is hesitating when you drive. As you drive on the highway, it feels like you are moving your foot on and off of the accelerator. It’s getting worse. I heard it may not be the transmission, but have something to do with some tubes that go into the engine (?)

This is more likely to be a problem with the engine than the transmission, but at this point, it is really difficult to say exactly what the source of the problem may be. What you need to do is to find out what “trouble codes” have been stored by the vehicle’s OBD (Onboard Diagnostic System).

Many auto parts stores will scan your system free-of-charge, while a garage or the dealership will likely charge a hefty fee for this quick procedure. Try Autozone, Advance Auto, Reilly Auto Parts, NAPA, and other auto parts retailers in your area to see who does this without a fee. Then report back to this thread with the actual codes (the format will be similar to “P0123”), and someone will be able to help you by interpreting the meaning of the codes.

I called Autozone and they said that they only scan if one of the check engine lights is on. No luck. Any other hints out there?

I dont know if the OBD stores codes without turning on the check engine light but if it does you could unscrew the petrol cap, this should set off the check engine light and then Autozone will scan it.