Matrix P0607 P2610 touble codes

2006 Toyota Matrix. Check engine light is on. Auto store pulled codes P0607 & P2610 which web searching seems to indicate a bad ECM. Anybody have more insight? Does anyone know if a replacement ECM is usually covered by warranty?

If it is truly the ECM, it should be covered by the mandatory emissions warranty. Your warranty booklet will tell you for sure.

I think it is possible that you can get a free one.

I found what looks like a page from the service manual to explain code P2610: Click, and read.
Briefly, DTC P2610 is set when two clocks inside the CPU (engine computer) don’t synchronize (don’t agree). One clock is the CPU clock, and the other clock is the EVAP system (evaporative emissions [gasoline fumes] control) clock.

The page in the manual for P0607 isn’t as helpful to gain an understanding as to what, specifically, it refers to: and then, click on DI-389. The scanner should look at the freeze frames, it says.
The repair? Replace the ECM, aka engine computer.

Thanks, hellokit. I had found those pages, both of which seem to indicate a malfunctioning ECM. So, I guess the question is, once the ECM is replaced is there something else that has caused it to malfunction?