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Mass Car Sales Tax

I will be buying my son’s car when I visit him in Oregon next month. Which state do I pay sales tax to?

We are not tax experts. I suggest you contact the DMV and/or the tax authorities in each state and find out from them.

I assume you live in Mass, and will be driving the car back to Mass to register it.
In that case, you’ll need to pay the Mass state sales tax when you register it.

There used to be a sales tax exemption if the sale occurred between immediate family members, but I don’t know if that still exists.

As Mcparadise notes, contact the Mass DMV. They have an excellent website with lots of information. It’s at

It will even tell you the current wait-time at any of the branch offices throughout the state.

I agree with McP as usual.

It might be the state of purchase, the state of delivery, the state of registration, the state of residence, or other criteria. Ask the question directly of the rulemekers. Go directly to the DMVs.

Thank you all for your suggestions!!

Have your son fill out a Bill Of Sale listing the car as a “Gift”. Does the car have valid Oregon plates you can drive it back on??

Thank you! Yes, the car has valid plates, although we’re going to have the car shipped (another thing to look into!).

I have sent my question to DMV via e-mail, but haven’t heard back.


McParadise – took your advice. State of MA does have a tax exemption for gifts between immediate relatives.