Giving a car gift in NY form PA

I live in PA and want to give my car(titled in PA) as a gift to my dad who lives in NY and will have to register the car there. Will he or I have to pay sales tax.

Your Dad needs to contact the NY DMV and ask the question. In some states, a gift affadavit certifying the transfer of the properly to a family member allows for the avoidance of the sales tax as part of the transaction. Don’t know if NY is one of those states, but NY DMV will.

You won’t. He might. You’d have to ask the NY Department of Motor Vehicles, or whatever they call it.

Since it’s a gift there may be no tax involved, but check it out with NY to be sure.

My late Father-in-Law gave me his 93 Caprice (titled in PA) in 2002. When I registered it in NJ, I gave it a nominal value ($500-1000) and paid the state tax on that amount. Best to check with the NY DMV.

Ed B.

Check with DMV in both states, but I believe in PA you can title a car over to a family member as a gift with a token $1.00 payment.

Now what happens when dad takes the title to NY and retitles and registers the car depends on NYS DMV rules. I think he can title it for $1.00 sale and pay virtually no sales tax. Some states collect a registration fee of the a % of the “book value” of the car, I believe North Carolina is one such state. Therefore no matter how dad acquired the car in North Carolina he’d have to pay a heafty fee to register the car for the first time. While I don’t think NY is the same as NC, many states seem to be following the NC practice as a way to collect revenue.