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Marauder value

neighbor has a marauder with bad rod end for sale. wants 4500. has 71k miles. whats a good price for it? hmm, new crank,rods, pistons. rotating assy cant cost that much? not a big fan of the “cobra” 4.6 motors. but I am not a ford guy.

This must be the week for problem Ford engines. The fact that it has the much rarer DOHC v8 makes me worry about all the rare parts that might need replacing, since bad rod ends can go along with worn bearings, and maybe cams. Time to find a Ford DOHC v8 forum, I’d think, and ask there.

2 for sale in my area.
89k miles for 8500
71k miles for 11500
and this one.
had a buyer come last week in red ford truck.
he is back today. maybe its gone?

$2500 is where I’d start the bidding

That Intech V8 is a popular hot rodder motor. May be a bit hard to find a used one and pricey. If it IS just a rod bearing then grind the crank, resize the rod and a new set of bearings might solve it.

I agree with @GeorgeSanJose start the bidding at $2500 and see where that goes as long as the rest of the car is in very good shape.

Take a look at a site that has everything Panther, including Marauders…

Sweet car. Too bad it probably isn’t in my neck of the woods because I’ve got a good, complete Intech 4.6 DOHC just sitting and collecting dust.

These engines are near bulletproof and if the lower end has gone at 71k miles I’d say the entire motor is wiped due to lack of oil changes or running the engine oil level down too low. Really sad.

These cars are scarce as hens teeth in my neck of the woods. When they do come up for sale they are usually ridiculously expensive and often modified to squeeze out more than the stock (I believe) 332 horse power. Anything advertised as ‘chipped’ I would avoid like the plague.

I owned a bone stock 95 Impala SS for a few years and apart from the seating position not being conducive to an aging back I loved the car. As much acceleration as some of the motorcycles I remember driving in the 80s.

I don’t want to stereo type cars and owners but now that I’m a pensioner I’ve been keeping my eye out for a nice Grand Marquis or Crown Vic. While I was getting the oil changed in my truck last year there was a '05 Grand Marquis LS Ultimate in for service (minor stuff, the old lady who owned it just wanted it checked over). Unbelievable condition and less than ten thousand miles on it. Of course the line forming of “if you ever want to sell that car, here’s my number” is getting rather long I’m told.

So what’s the deal?

Did somebody pay his asking price?

Or is it heading to the scrap yard, after getting no offers?

Or did YOU buy the car?

I’m sorry, but that picture doesn’t answer many questions, but in fact raises a few?