Manufacturer Buy Back-Lemon Law

I have found an Infiniti FX35 for 17,900. The salesman told me it was a buy back. He said these cars have a problem in the airbag sensor or the brake system. But it has been corrected and comes with the full warranty. Should I be afraid. It has 39k and is a 2005.

I would be afraid. I can’t see any reason to buy a vehicle that you know has been bought back under the lemon law. There are plenty of vehicles for sale without known problems. Find one of them.

NEVER believe what a salesperson tells you. It may be true and it may be something he or she made up. Problems with sensors are not hard to fix. Recurring problems with no apparent solution are what makes cars “lemons.”

Don’t buy a lemon.

Why would you want a vehicle that has problems with the brake system?

Don’t walk, RUN away from this deal.

It flies in the face of all common sense to buy a product that has been returned because it did not meet requirements. Such products are often sold at half price or less by deep discouters. Where I live there are 3 such liquidation firms who sell all manner of appliances and elctronic good that have been “reconditioned” by the “factory”. In January I watched a large dolly full of these goods coming OUT OF the local Costco store. I asked the driver where he was going with this, and guess what, he was taking all these return/defective items to one of the 3 “liquidator” stores. You get the picture.

In an automotive case, GM of Canada had a special contract with the government of Iraq (Saddam at that time ) to deliver 8500 Malibu cars with 4 speed stick shifts. Since at the time, that transmission was not standard, GM cobbled something together from a truck, and the result was rejection by Iraq after the first few were delivered. GM ended up selling the rest of these new cars in Canada at about half the list price. That is about what a by-back car is worth. Even at that price, if it is a lemon, you may feel that is too much once you won it.

Either/or but they don’t know for sure. Suspicion is the greatest thing. If you can afford to believe in the car, you can buy it, but there are better bets. It may be fixed, but for how long. IT’s already been fixed three times.

What does full warranty mean? Surely it isn’t a new car warranty, given the age. I wouldn’t buy it unless it’s a certified used car. But the price is attractive, even for a stripped FX35. If you are still interested, make them convince you that it’s fixed. Which problem did this truck have, and what was done to fix it? Why are they sure it was fixed this time if it wasn’t fixed before? How will they stand behind the truck (what’s the warranty)?