Lemon law buy backs


I am considering purchasing a 2007 BMW 3 series. The specific vehicle I am looking at (although I have seen several available on ebay) is a manufacturer buy back that has been factory repaired and now back on the market with a new warranty. is this a good way to save some money relative to the same car that is not buy-back, or should I stay away? thanks!


Is this a factory-certified, pre-owned BMW? Is it sold with the new car warranty?


With a full factory warranty and depending on the price it could be a good deal.
What I would want to see is all of the documentation about exactly WHY they bought it back.

That phrase “factory repaired” also leaves a bit to be desired. As far as I know, no factory ever performs a repair on any car. That is done by the dealer as a warranty issue

Is this one an eBay car and who states it has been “factory repaired”?.


No, its not CPO (cert. pre-owned). Its from an independent dealer (non-BMW used car dealer, specializing in late model vehicles). California has a pretty strict lemon law (I suppose other states do as well) and as a result there are quite a few cars on eBay that were repurchased by the manufacturer due to a nagging defect, fixed (reportedly), and now back in the market. The warranty, if any, is the remainder of the original warranty (5 years or 50,000 miles, or whatever). The title report clearly indiciates this car was a manufacturer repurchase. I have heard this may come back to haunt me if I ever decide to sell the car down the road.


The dealers are required to post a document indicating the exact nature of the defect and the repair. Some - called Moroney label (?) - are repurchased simply because the car was mislabeled. For instance, a BMW 3 series was labeled as having sport suspension but in fact the car had base model suspension. This vehicle was repurchased, relabeled and now back for sale on the used market.

I agree “factory repair” sounds like a farce. Although possible. Aren’t some BMWs made in South Carolina? It is somewhat believable that cars are shipped to Spartansburg for repairs or mild rebuilds.