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who manufacture saab and subaru and are they good cars and are they costly on repairs

SAAB is/was owned by GM who held a part stake in them for many years. Subaru is a division of Fuji Heavy Industries.

JMHO, but they’re the same as to reliability and both can be expensive to repair depending on what has failed.
Most maintenance and wear items are a wash; it cost about the same.

Saab I’m familiar with, others can tell you about Subaru. Saab is now owned by GM but they have been a Swedish manufacturer that makes Airplanes and started making cars in the late 1940’s. Early Saab models were kind of quirky and they tried some unique things with their cars, some good some not. Front wheel drive is one area were they led the other manufacturers. They also had a 2 cycle engine with a freewheeling transmission that was a kick to drive. They were known for pretty good quality back then compared to other companies. In the late '70’s they started using Turbochargers on a few cars and by the mid '80’s they had perfected Turbochargers to a point that Saab got a reputation as a high performance car. Safety was also a strong point of Saab perhaps because of the need to compete with Volvo.

Today’s Saab has been GM’d quite a bit. They are still a bit quirky but not like they used to be. They are good performing cars, handle well, have good power. Reliability is not a Saab strength anymore unfortunately. When repairs are needed they will be pricey.

SAAB is going bankrupt and you do not want one…parts are very expensive and will become more so…Subaru has unique type of flat engine that has its own set of problems, especially with oiling. I would stay away from both and if you want a real cheap reliable car get a GM with the push rod 3.8V6 engine and it will get tremendously good mileage, cheap to repair, and plenty of parts. Much simpler than overhead variable valve engines and cheaper recommended maintenance. And Thousands of these around waiting for good homes. You can get over 30mpg out of the 3.8L engine

Saab automobiles are manufactured in Sweden by Saab AB, a company that has been in business for many, many years. Saab is primarily a defense contractor, and manufactures aircraft, including jet fighter planes for the Swedish military and turbo-prop planes for the commercial passenger market.

The automotive division of Saab has recently filed for bankruptcy in Sweden. Repair costs for Saab are higher than normal.

Subaru is a division of Fuji Heavy Industries, in Japan. Many Subaru vehicles are built in factories in the US. The reliability of Subaru vehicles is rated very highly by Consumer Reports, although their AWD system, which is very good, can be costly to repair if not maintained properly.

Saab cars are no longer linked to the defense contractor. They’re a sub of GM 100%, as of 2000.

Saab is owned by GM. Subaru is owned by Fuji but GM, at least at one time, owned a minor stake in Subr.
Both are good cars and all cars can costly be costly to repair.

GM divested itself of its fractional ownership of Subaru several years ago. That fraction–and perhaps a bit more–was bought by Toyota.

In fact, Subaru and Toyota are jointly developing a RWD sports car that will be marketed by both companies, with some minor cosmetic differences to mask the fact that it is the same car in both showrooms. I hope that this type of “badge engineering” works out better for them than it has for GM!

With so many of the same vehicle being sold, I’m surprised they don’t just make the divisions into trim levels.