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Manuel transmission

I had a 2000 Izusu pick-up with a manual transmission and I was wondering, late perhaps, what weight oil goes in it? (the transmission)

I don’t suppose you have an owner’s manual to consult, do you? If not, any local library should have a collection of auto repair manuals that you can consult. I don’t know off the top exactly what weight goes into this particular unit.

Manual tranny oil isn’t something that requires frequent changing, by the way.

Thanks for your input. Here’s the reason for asking this seemingly silly question. I sold that truck a couple of years ago, and I was just talking to the guy that bought it, and he said they were putting regular engine oil in it…I didn’t want to tell him he’s crazy but I think they’ll ruin it somehow, but like I said, it’s not mine anymore.

Many manual transmissions use motor oil or ATF. ALL motorcycle transmissions do…Its probably a Mitsubishi transmission, common to almost all Japanese vehicles…

I think it varies by transmission make (not sure at all, memory is real fuzzy). Some use 75W synthetic? and others use Dexron?
It seems to me the guy is making a big mistake by running engine oil in it. The lubrication properties are completely different.

I have to respectfully disagree that all motorcycle engines use engine oil. My Harleys (flathead, panhead, shovelhead) use gear oil and the BMW I had also used 75W90 gear oil. Most Evos use gear oil except for the Sportsters. On the Asian bikes, I have no idea.

How did we go to motorcycles when we started with a pick-up ?

S*** Happens

Now it’s getting funny…thanks to all you guy’s input !

Doesn’t Isuzu make three-wheeled motorcycle pickups?

No, but one wheel frequently falls off of their four-wheeled vehicles.


My '89 Honda Accord uses motor oil in the 5-speed manual transmission . . . owners manual calls for 10 W 40. Rocketman