Manual vs automatic transmission

I am in the process of purchasing a 2008 Corolla with an automatic transmission; I have not driven an automatic for 21 years. Will I be able to make the switch? My concern is that my left foot having nothing to do will confuse my right foot, which will hit the gas when I mean to brake.


You can make the switch…I do find myself pressing the brake pedal with my left foot sometimes…but I quickly realize what I’m doing.

You’ll get used to it in no time. I have two cars, one manual and one automatic. I never have trouble driving either one.

You’re a guitar player. It won’t take you long to commit the new moves to muscle memory. :slight_smile:

You might paw the carpet once in a while with the left foot. You won’t get confused more than once or twice, if that often. BTW, what will your right hand do?

It will take a week or two, but you will be OK.

“BTW, what will your right hand do?” He can’t answer that on here. (Snicker)

Oh yeah, he can too. It’ll be on the steering wheel where it’s supposed to be. Right?

Thanks for the encouragement - I had not thought about the possibility of my guitar skills translating to driving.

I am a she.

…will confuse my right foot, which will hit the gas when I mean to brake.

I’ve never heard of that happening. Plenty of people with the (bad) habit of left-foot braking hit the gas instead of the brake (especially in a panic situation), but if your muscle-memory is for using the right foot on the brake, you won’t lose that.

Driving any car is easier than being a passenger sometimes. You will be able to get used to it but some people can’t even imagine driving an automatic. At least you will be able to sell it when you are done with it.