Manual transmission not going into reverse

Subject line pretty much says it. Do you have any suggestions before I call up my mechanic (who worked on it in November) and start wooing and/or hollering at him?

Many thanks for any input. All the best to you.


Do you have to push down on the knob to go into reverse on this? What year and mileage on the PT?

Thanks for asking/responding! No, no button. Standard “H.” It’s a 2001 with c. 99,000 miles on it.
Best to you, and thanks again!. lady29palms.

If I’m correct, your Cruiser should have a 5spd transmission. Don’t you have to push it over to the right to get into the reverse/5th gear gate? Reverse should be to the right and down toward the back. Standard “H” would mean you have a 3spd. Correct me if I’m wrong. If it is a 5spd, the shift linkage might be out of adjustment and not picking up the reverse/5th gear gate. Simple fix.

Did this start in November? If so, what repairs were done? Does double clutching work?

Yes. Thank you for responding! It simply will not go into reverse, though. I hope you are right about its being a “simple fix.” I will take it in tomorrow when I have someone to trail me to the garage and back home.
Best to you!

No, it doesn’t. Nothing that has worked in past, minor, similar episodes is working. Bushings were replaced in November. I hope it is simply that. I will let you all know as soon as I do! Meanwhile,
Thanks for your responses!

Shifter cables also replaced in November. After the “fixed” the trans, the gear shifft simply started behaving like a joy stick - minus the JOY!